When it comes to residential air conditioning and heating systems we at UNITED play by different rules than our competitors! Unlike them, our service techs ARE NOT paid on a commission basis for what they “sell” the customer. Unlike most of our competitors whose technicians base their salary on that fact, we believe that system is flawed and could lead to inappropriate billing and sales practices. Also, we do not base our billing on so called “book pricing” which lumps all costs whether or not they are associated with your particular service repair issue into your bill. For example: Maybe your gas valve only took an hour to replace but you would get billed for what it would cost for an average replacement of 2.5 hours using the “book pricing” system.

We bill a standard service charge for the first hour of service then in 15 minutes increments (not 1/2 hour increments, always rounded up) there after plus the parts if needed. Also, we will provide you with a prompt written estimate for repairs before any work is performed. You will never see a pushy sales person trying to sell you something that you don’t need when using us. We want you as our customer and I believe through fair and honest business practices that goal is obtainable.

Our years of experience in the heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality have given us the expertise needed when it comes to your needs as a homeowner. We can provide service, repair and maintenance for all your HVAC needs including:

Our design specialist will provide you a FREE estimate!

• Air Conditioning Systems
• Heat Pumps
• Geothermal Systems
• Radiant Heating
• Ductless Split Systems
• Multi Zone Systems
• Standard & High Efficiency Boilers
• Standard & High Efficiency Furnaces
• Standard & High Efficiency
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Standard & High Efficiency Heat
Pump Systems
• Indoor Air Quality Systems
• Humidification Systems
• Dehumidification Systems

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