Whole House Humidifiers
• Humidity makes you feel warmer at a lower temperature saving on your heating costs.
• Prevents sinuses from drying out – less sinus infections, colds and nosebleeds.
• Wood floors, doors and cabinets won’t dry, shrink or crack.

Air Filtration Systems
• Effectively removes particles from your home’s air ordinary filters can’t.
• Alleviate allergy symptoms, household dust and odors.

Germicidal Lights
• Kills air borne bacteria, mold, viruses and fungi.
• Prevents their growth on your heating and cooling system.

Heat Recovery Ventilators
• Removes stale air, odors and chemicals, such as formaldehyde, that are used in many building materials. ie: carpet and plywood.
• Puts fresh, filtered air into your home.

Zoning Systems
• Gives you greater control over your heating and cooling system.
• Enhances comfort and efficiency.
• Perfect for bonus rooms and finished basements.

Indoor Air Quality

At United we offer a number of Indoor Air Quality products that will make your home healthier, more comfortable and save you money on your heating and cooling needs.